Observe the bees, continue to understand them and try to give them an environment conducive to their development and their fullness.


Reproduction by swarming :

The hives are free to swarm either by themselves or through the use of the extendable hive. Thus the increase in livestock is not done by artificial division.


The combs of the hive :

They are built in a natural way. Only an embossed wax primer is inserted into the frame to guide the construction. The rest of the frame is waxed only by bees.


The Queen's Fertilization :

It takes place naturally, on the spot, via the nuptial flight.


Harvesting honey :

Only 75% of the production is harvested from productive hives. The rest is left to the bees of the colony so that they can winter properly with substantial reserves and resume their activity in the spring in a correct manner. This also makes it possible not to feed the bees with syrup or candy.

To encourage these beekeeping practices putting the bee at the center of priorities :

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