An idea of ​​luxury gifts for your wedding, baptism or any other

moment of life ?

The small jar of honey:
Noble and gourmet gift for your events.

Would you like to give a little honeymoon to thank your guests? Here is the procedure to follow!
You will find below the three models proposed:
  • 50 g
  • 125 g
  • 250 g
There are two types of varieties:
  • honey of all flowers
  • lavender honey.
Other varieties may be available only on request.
When you have chosen the model and the variety, you click on the "I order" button to establish a first contact and reserve the number of jars of honey you want.
Then I answer your request, we see together the quote -and the most important! - if you wish, the customization of small jars of honey. I attach particular care to ensure that this gift is in your image and colors of your event or your brand / company.
  • You give me your dominant colors (via your make-art or any other support)
  • You choose the type of writing from a selection that I provide you
  • I make you a custom label proposal
  • You confirm
  • Otherwise I will make you a proposal until you are satisfied.
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100% natural beeswax candles!

Different models :
  • Bougie en cire "Coeur" : Heart-shaped candle with small roses. Ideal for decorating your party tables (weddings, baptisms etc.) or to offer for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandma's Day, etc.
  • Bougie en cire "Rose" : Very realistic rose shaped candle shaped with great precision to be placed in a candle holder (not supplied). Diameter 7.5cm Height 5.5cm.
  • Bougie en cire "Alvéoles" : Candle in rolled cells in the shape of stick of dynamite. The honeycomb shape is the one used by bees during the construction of wax frames. These frames will be used to lay the eggs or store the reserves (pollen or honey). This candle is a reminder of the perfect geometric shapes that bees are able to build. Sold individually or by 3.
If your order of candles takes place within the framework of the organization of an event (wedding, baptisms, baby shower, birthday), thank you to carry out your order as soon as possible before your event (2 or 3 months before) as well than to specify the desired models in the form.
Prices shown are excluding shipping costs, please contact us for more information.


The honeycomb : the gold of the hive !


Have you ever had the pleasure of discovering the taste and texture of a honeycomb?

The honeycomb is one of the purest products in the hive. Rare, exceptional in taste, it is the honey of excellence in the raw state!

No mechanical transformation, no thermal shock, no reconditioning.
It is a bit like picking fruit from a tree; here you gather the work of bees and Nature!

The honeycomb is very easy to consume: you can bite into a piece of radius or spread it with a little butter or cut a slice to accompany a cheese.

Beeswax can be consumed without danger because in our beekeeping practice, bees build wax naturally on the frames.

If you do not know this product, I encourage you to quickly discover it and experience tasting the beehive gold. And if you have already had the pleasure of savoring this sweet happiness, I would not need to convince you to start again :-)!

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White nougat with honey of all flowers


Typical product and Provençal tradition.

The proposed white nougat consists of only three ingredients:

  • honey of all flowers

  • the almonds

  • egg white

We find in this soft white square the honey of flowers that the bees collected from March to the beginning of August on various flowerings such as plum, apple, cherry, sage, phacelia, rosemary, thyme, lavender, clovers, dandelions and wild flowers present in rows of biodynamic apple trees.

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Honey spoon in Provence olive trees


The honey spoon is handcrafted in Provence. The wood used is a wood from Olivier de Provence located not far from Gordes and Roussillon. The choice of this wood gives all its charm and cachet to this object by revealing beautiful curves and ribs!

This spoon can be matched with the various jars of honey sold on the site or can be offered individually.

Decreasing price according to the quantity. Size 11 cm.

If your order of spoons or boxes takes place within the framework of the organization of an event (wedding, baptisms, baby shower, birthday), please place your order as soon as possible before your event (2 or 3 months before).

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