Bees live in relationship and can allow us to learn to put

the systems of partnerships and exchanges at the heart of our lives.

Fill your the married ones and offer them a noble and tasty product for their guest gift. Discover the small jars of honey, nougats, honey spoon and candles ...


Thank your hosts, introduce your customers to honey on the shelf and conscious beekeeping in general with pure honey and 100% natural candles.

Offer a natural treatment in an atmosphere without harmful products. The tealights are made of natural wax from the lids with a wick of hemp fiber.



Hire your company, educate your employees, thank your customers or build a new partnership through business gifts or beehive sponsorship.

Offer a workshop and / or a tasting around honey to introduce your customers to the world of beehives and bees.

Any other collaboration related to a conscious beekeeping that places the bee at the center of the practice will be studied. Do not hesitate to contact me.